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Make sure to schedule Rev. Michaela Rena at your next speaking event. Delivering a powerfully motivated experience for everyone in attendance, has created a demand for her presence! Hurry and get on her 4th quarter calendar to secure a tantalizing experience for your event!

Love, Michaela Rena

Helping you design success! 


After 10+ years in the industry, a change was needed. Achieving wellness in the women circle is the ultimate goal in our purpose. The wellness that Rev. Michaela Rena supports is designed to empower individualized assistance in daily life experiences.

Women have had to carry a lot of burden and weight. Now,  it is time to have the Woman Community cheer you on. Jealousy, Stress, Envy or Strife are emotions that have cleared the room!


The Women in this community, celebrate each person's success, and thrive with you as a Sister.


We desire to give each person time and guidance that is deserved with community members that

celebrate you as a Woman! 

7 Days to Blissful Abundance

Mastering the Inner Story

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